Rules & Regulations

Team Member’s Responsibilities

Selected Team Member’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • To Work on the assignments, viz. Trainings, Writeups, R&D Work, Few Social & Commercial Projects, given to every individual as per their expertise & interests
  • To Review your progress EOD with the Organization Officials
  • To Complete all the assignments in given deadlines, to open more exciting opportunities for your betterment in the Career

Learning & mentoring opportunities

  • Every Individual gets mentorship, as per his/her interest and expertise, Strict No to boring classroom training.
  • Every Individual will find a completely new way of learning opportunities through Practical experience and Industrial Exposure.
  • During the tenure of the program, will mentor an individual to look at the real-world problems with Design Thought process.
  • During the tenure of the program, an individual can be part of many workshops, hacks to get leadership mentorships through action.
  • During the tenure of the program, as per interest, individual will get mentored about Technology and Operations stuff, so, every individual can able to solve real-world problems with their own creative solutions with help of PNAJ Officials.
  • Exposure to the completely new world of other like you, which will enhance the network to which you belong.

Performance tracking mechanism

  • Every Individual will be evaluated depending on the assignment progress on a periodic basis.
  • Based on the progress of every individual, badges will be allotted to the respective individual, which will be transparent to all, where every badge have some points.
  • Depending on the badges and points system, individual will get Official certifications from PNAJ Innovations Team, mentioning their performances, which will be USP for every individual in the eyes of other leaders in the industry.

Selection procedure

  • Any Indian student from Tier 2 & Tier 3 Institute, who has completed Secondary Schooling (10th) can be the part of this program.
  • Officials will share application form with interested Students to fill it, which will help officials to understand individual’s interest and mindset in order to opt to be the part of this program.
  • Officials will evaluate each participant depending on the information has been provided by the participant in the form.
  • Shortlisted participants will be going through a casual discussion with Officials, and as per discussion, participants will be judged based on below parameters,
    • Dream
    • Future Interest
    • Learning Mindset
    • Uniqueness
    • Past Expertise & Experience

One who is fulfilling the criteria set by the Officials will be the part of the Program.


Special Selection procedure

Want to get special bonus point to get involved into the program, then create and submit a YouTube video in the form which will explain about you and “Why you want to be part of the Program?”.


Rewards and Incentives

  • Badges and Points system will play a vital role in this program to give incentives to selected Students.
  • Every individual can redeem his/her points in the terms of vouchers of their choice, either on Learning Platform or E-commerce websites.
  • Every Individual will get some discount Coupons for partnered Brands, in which Students are interested in.
  • If someone’s performance is great will get opportunity to work on funded Projects, and after Project delivery, some Pre-decided incentives with Special Certificate will be given to the candidate.
  • Of course, Badges are most important Incentives like Army Stars, cause those Certificates with Badges have their own USP in Market.


We reserve the right to make changes to our site, policies, rules and these Conditions of Use at any time.


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